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The Profit by Design Course

The Profit by Design Course

Every Day, Your Ideal Clients Are Searching Online For Ways To Uplevel Their Business…Question is, are they finding you?

  • You feel like just another voice in the sea and just wishing that people instantly recognized your business amongst all the other noise. 
  • You are frustrated because you want the secret sauce on how to use your branding to make money without spending hours figuring out where to start or what exactly to create.
  • You want to be attracting perfect fit ideal clients who come with their credit card ready to invest in your offerings through your brand.
  • You want to speak your audience’s language without them knowing how you know exactly what they’re thinking.
  • You desire alignment with your brand because you know that alignment is going to open up the money clouds and do the hard work for you. 
  • You want to learn Photoshop so you can jump into the program, create your designs, and jump back out without coming down with a headache or spending hours finding the right tools.
  • After drafting a post, you feel lost when you go into Photoshop to create a graphic that connects with your ideal clients. (Because hello, there are so many fonts to choose from!
  • Ditching the endless searching of the perfect fonts, colors, and images is possible because you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to make it seem effortless. 

You can scale your business with professional branding and reap the benefits (and cash) forever!
Profit by Design uses a 3 step system to make you stand out from the crowd

This is a 3 module, 18 training course to teach you A ➞ Z on branding and graphic design in your business.

You might be thinking like, “does any of this Psychology and Composition stuff actually matter?” And yes, if you want your business to scale, it really does.

Let’s take my client Margaret for example…

Margaret was beyond frustrated because she believed her favorite color and fonts were the golden ticket to having a perfectly branded business. 

She ended up working with clients who were NOT the right fit nor was she consistent with the branding she chose either. (Which left her and her audience even more confused!)

After working through the same information I am sharing with you, Margaret now has a profitable brand that attracts her ideal clients with ease. 

Margaret now feels confident and can clearly see how nailing her brand foundation directly relates to her success and increase in profit. 

This is how Margaret got from where she was then to where she is now - from the information learned inside of Profit By Design.

Working through brand recognition, brand psychology, and my signature brand system, Maragret was able to increase your profit and her visibility in less than 3 months.

This is why I believe you can do it too.

Here’s what we are going to be covering in these 3 modules! 

MODULE 1: Design Recognition: Creating brands that stand-out

  • Training 1: Design 101
  • Mini Training 1: Creating a Growth Mindset
  • Homework 1: Identifying Key Elements in Designs
  • Training 2: Creating Consistency
  • Mini Training 2: Getting Excited About your Brand
  • Homework 2: An Audit of your Brand
  • Training 3: Brand Perception
  • Mini Training 3: Building Strong Brand Trust
  • Homework 3: Connecting with your Audience

MODULE 2: Design Attraction: Your Audience’s Language

  • Training 1: Target Audience Attraction
  • Mini Training 1: Selling to your Audience
  • Homework 1: Evaluating your Target Audience
  • Training 2: Psychology 101
  • Mini Training 2: Break your Bad Habits
  • Homework 2: Imagery for your Brand
  • Training 3: Color, Shape & Font Psychology
  • Mini Training 3: Navigating Paletton
  • Homework 3: Creating a Color Palette

MODULE 3: Design Implementation: Taking Action

  • Training 1: Photoshop 101
  • Mini Training 1: Remembering the Program
  • Homework 1: Getting Familiar
  • Training 2: Graphic Presentation
  • Mini Training 2: Design Testing with your Audience
  • Homework 2: Create an Ad Outline
  • Training 3: Graphic Creation
  • Mini Training 3: Authentically Sparking Creativity
  • Homework 3: Design Implementation 

Still feeling hesitant?  Here are some happy past students!

➞ “Not only are my designs more professional looking and attention grabbing, but I’m learning how to design them as such as I go. Diana is, as always, so professional, kind, and knowledgeable. She is pure genius when it comes to Design - very much worth it’s weight in gold!” -Shidiah Clark

➞ “You will NOT regret working with Diana! Her work speaks for itself, but the professionalism and experience you receive is hands-down the best. Branding is a major investment in business, because it can set you back you years in time and money if done wrong. Do yourself a favor: relieve your mind, set your business up for branded success, and let this professional handle your designs.” -A happy student

➞ I feel like I have a deeper understanding about how design elements work together to achieve the goals that I want to accomplish. -Janelle, Profit by Design Student

Are you ready to start rockin’ a cohesive and professional brand that creates massive profit in your business?Hit the button below and let’s get started.

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