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You, Me, + V | 1:1 Voxer Brand Coaching from July 13- August 3

You, Me, + V | 1:1 Voxer Brand Coaching from July 13- August 3

Ready to transform from just making money to scaling consistently!?

  • You want to know exactly what in your branding will set you on track to make more money, and likee - yesterday.

  • You feel like just another voice in the sea and just wishing that people instantly recognized your business amongst all the other noise. 

  • You want to be attracting perfect fit ideal clients who come with their credit card ready to invest in your offerings through your brand.
  • You want to establish your social credibility to make your audience invest with ease.

So what do you need? A million courses? It sounds time-consuming, right?

Let's close our eyes for a second and think
(Oh wait, you need to read LOL)

You sit down at your computer to work on your branding, on your graphic design, on branding for a client, on standing out online

And you think of the BEST branding question you need to know the answer of right now. You google, you search a minute on good ole FB, you don't find the answer (you'll come back to it), and you never come back to it, you forget, the question is gone, and the answer never found.

But not if you had a branding expert right in your pocket.


What is it like to have a branding expert right in my pocket?

Become clear, confident, and profitable on the branding + design end of your business in only 30 days.

Let's look at Margaret

Margaret was beyond frustrated because she believed her favorite color and fonts were the golden ticket to having a perfectly branded business. 

She ended up working with clients who were NOT the right fit nor was she consistent with the branding she chose either. (Which left her and her audience even more confused!)

After working directly with me through private coaching, Margaret now has a profitable brand that attracts her ideal clients with ease. 

Margaret now feels confident and can clearly see how nailing her brand foundation directly relates to her success and is ditching making inconsistent money and focusing on scaling a sustainable business.

These custom, 1-1 moments is where Margaret found her brand clarity.

The Details:

Now realllllyyyy imagine - you open your phone, pop up Voxer, voice message out all of your questions as soon as they come to you, and you get a clear, detailed response walking you through your obstacle. I'm talking photo examples, loom program directions if needed, voice messaging, right back at you every weekday.

At the end of these 30 days, you're clear, confident, and profitable on the branding + design end of your business.

    • 30 days of 1:1 Voxer supporting including coaching for your branding + graphic design as well as goal-oriented accountability.
    • Big Monday check-ins and daily check-ins to meet your needs
    • Office hours M-F 9AM-5PM, eastern standard time
    • Feedback/Audits on your personal or business branding
    • Loom tutorials provided for Illustrator/Photoshop specific questions

If you have already purchased Profit by design, please email me with a note and your portal email and I will send you back a 10% off coupon for this program.

Tell Me About The Money:

Pay $249 today and never worry about it again!

Pay $87 today and $87 again weekly for two more weeks (total of 3 payments)

What I Need You to Know:

  • I want you to know that no matter what, YOU are in control of your surroundings and outcome, regardless of your current situation.

  • I want you to know that I really do not worry about scarcity anymore, and feel at peace with my business- something that took me a long time to find.

  • I want you to know that when I shifted my branding into a stronger place, I also started to see more growth and make more money.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is this package suitable for me if I create designs for my clients? Yes.  I have clients inside of this offer who work solely on their business, and others who create entire branding packages for their clients.  We cover ALL branding inside of this program, with no limitations.  Ask away about your client projects!

  • What if I want to continue a 1-1 client relationship after the 30 days?  If a proper fit, clients are offered an extended, continued spot in 1-1 coaching.  The price to this offer will go up, and when it does extended clients are offered an exclusive 15% off of each extended month.

  • Where do I contact you if I have a question about this program? You can email me, with subject line "Voxer Coaching Q" with any additional questions you may have.

Still feeling hesitant?  Here are some happy past students!

➞ “Not only are my designs more professional looking and attention grabbing, but I’m learning how to design them as such as I go. Diana is, as always, so professional, kind, and knowledgeable. She is pure genius when it comes to Design - very much worth it’s weight in gold!” -Shidiah Clark

➞ “You will NOT regret working with Diana! Her work speaks for itself, but the professionalism and experience you receive is hands-down the best. Branding is a major investment in business, because it can set you back you years in time and money if done wrong. Do yourself a favor: relieve your mind, set your business up for branded success, and let this professional handle your designs.” -A happy student

➞ I feel like I have a deeper understanding about how design elements work together to achieve the goals that I want to accomplish. -Janelle, Profit by Design Student

I'm ready to see you shift from just making sales, to scaling your consistent and sustainable brand, so you can feel like this.

When you jump in now, you get immediate Voxer access to me, meaning you can jump in on those brand questions N O W!

Doors close + price goes up on Friday, July 10 at 11:59PM EST

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