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The Breakthrough Brand Guide

The Breakthrough Brand Guide

You're actively searching Facebook groups for work, but when they click on your profile, your potential clients have no idea what you actually do for work.

  • You feel like just another voice in the sea and just wishing that people instantly recognized your business amongst all the other noise. 
  • Your profile does not show off your business, because you don't know where to start.
  • You do not know the right dimensions to use on your social media designs, making nothing fit onto your design properly.
  • You want to be attracting perfect fit ideal clients who come with their credit card ready to invest in your offerings through your brand.
  • You want to establish your social credibility to make your audience invest with ease.
  • You want to know exactly what you need for your branding on social media, exactly how to set it up, and exactly how it can be easy as pie.

Good news - all of this information given to you in one place, is exactly what you need to sit down and get it all done!

Introducing the Breakthrough Brand Guide

The Definitive Social Media Branding Guide to make you stand out and skyrocket sales.

Here’s the deal -- if you want to stand out online and make your sales really skyrocket, you need to be visible AF, and this guide is going to teach you everything you need to know about just that.

Let’s take my client Margaret for example…

Margaret was beyond frustrated because she was spending hours on social media looking for opportunities to work in her freelance business.

She ended up working with clients who did not see her value, from lack of social proof (We all know that this can break communication norms and lead to a frustrating experience for everyone)

After working through the same guide breakdown I am sharing with you, Margaret was able to establish her social proof online, making it easier for her hell yes clients to say yes to her offerings without hours and hours of extra work.

Margaret is now making money easily using her social media and no longer feels overwhelmed with needing to establish her credibility with her audience.

This is how Margaret went from burnt out and stressed to the max, to making sales and standing out - based on the Breakthrough Brand Guidebook.

And I believe that you can do this just as easy.

This Guide Covers...

  • Facebook: 9 brand touchpoints on Facebook and how to optimize these touchpoints for success
  • Instagram: 4 brand touchpoints on Instagram and how to optimize these touchpoints for success
  • Youtube: 3 brand touchpoints on Youtube and how to optimize these touchpoints for success
  • Pinterest: 3 brand touchpoints on Pinterest and how to optimize these touchpoints for success
  • Email: 6 brand touchpoints inside of your email marketing and how to optimize these touchpoints for success
  • Website: 5 brand touchpoints through your website and how to optimize these touchpoints for success
  • Stationary: + 6 other non-media brand touchpoints and how to optimize these touchpoints for success

    BONUS: Breakthrough Brand Guide Audio Walkthrough
    BONUS: Breakthrough Brand Guide Complete Trello Checklist

Are you ready to transform your social media to be on-brand so you can get seen NOW and skyrocket your credibility and sales? Hit the button below and let’s get started.

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