The Profit by Design Course


Every Day, Your Ideal Clients Are Searching Online For Ways To Uplevel Their Business…


Question is, are they finding you?

As an entrepreneur you have a desire to make consistent sales, but… 

  •  You are constantly drowning in a sea of competition and getting lost in the comments
  • Anxiously searching facebook groups to try and find leads
  • Stressed to the max because you are trying to grow a business without going broke

I get it, and I am here to help!

Profit by Design does just that for your business

It’s time to crank up that contrast and get noticed ;)

The truth is, you know high-level graphics

  • Can do more than stop a scroll
  • Can reflect who you are as a brand and allow you to stand out in the market
  • Allows you to connect with those clients & bringing you more income

Profit by Design uses a 3 step system to make you stand out from the crowd

Need to see more? Here is a look at the course outline:

MODULE 1: Design Recognition: Creating brands that stand-out

  • Training 1: Design 101
  • Mini Training 1: Creating a Growth Mindset
  • Homework 1: Identifying Key Elements in Designs
  • Training 2: Creating Consistency
  • Mini Training 2: Getting Excited About your Brand
  • Homework 2: An Audit of your Brand
  • Training 3: Brand Perception
  • Mini Training 3: Building Strong Brand Trust
  • Homework 3: Connecting with your Audience

MODULE 2: Design Attraction: Your Audience’s Language

  • Training 1: Target Audience Attraction
  • Mini Training 1: Selling to your Audience
  • Homework 1: Evaluating your Target Audience
  • Training 2: Psychology 101
  • Mini Training 2: Break your Bad Habits
  • Homework 2: Imagery for your Brand
  • Training 3: Color, Shape & Font Psychology
  • Mini Training 3: Navigating Paletton
  • Homework 3: Creating a Color Palette

MODULE 3: Design Implementation: Taking Action

  • Training 1: Photoshop 101
  • Mini Training 1: Remembering the Program
  • Homework 1: Getting Familiar
  • Training 2: Graphic Presentation
  • Mini Training 2: Design Testing with your Audience
  • Homework 2: Create an Ad Outline
  • Training 3: Graphic Creation
  • Mini Training 3: Authentically Sparking Creativity
  • Homework 3: Design Implementation


  • A Complete Guide of Graphic Design Resources
  • A Design Creation Checklist
  • A Graphic Design Terminology Guide
  • A Mini Profit By Design Textbook

I can't wait to see you on the other side!


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5 Lessons

MODULE 1: Design Recognition: Creating brands that stand-out

10 Lessons

MODULE 2: Design Attraction: Your Audience’s Language

11 Lessons

MODULE 3: Design Implementation: Taking Action

11 Lessons


2 Lessons

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